Tamrae O’Dell RN

Aesthetic Nurse

Tamrae has been in healthcare for nearly 17 years and a Registered Nurse for over seven. Her vast experience in emergency trauma nursing has made her an incredible asset to Eternal Wellness.

She began her nursing career in Jackson, before relocating to Traverse City in 2019. Here, she joined the healthcare team at Munson Emergency Department and Copper Ridge Surgery Center as an endoscopy nurse.

Her unique range of skills allows her to work in a variety of settings. Since joining Eternal Wellness in the spring of 2022, Tamrae’s passion for quality nursing, with an emphasis on patient care, has become a valued asset to Eternal Wellness. She is excited to share her enthusiasm and unwavering quality work with her clients.

When she’s not working, Tamrae enjoys the outdoors with her significant other, Chris, and his son Parker. They enjoy fishing, hiking and exploring this incredible area.

“I’m a firm believer in high standards over quantity. Working at Eternal Wellness has allowed me to find a balance between helping clients and providing true, quality care. I’m excited to share my passion for aesthetics while demonstrating my drive for perfection.”