Kathryn Aurand PA-C, ATC

Health and Wellness Coach

Katie is a certified Physician Associate who specializes in trauma, critical care and general surgery. Prior to becoming a Physician Associate, she worked in the collegiate setting as a certified athletic trainer. She is also a certified run coach through UESCA, a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a certified prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist through the American Fitness Professionals & Associates. 

Katie is a retired volleyball collegiate athlete who has continued her passion for movement into her adult life. She is an ultra-endurance canoe racer, marathon runner, and long distance triathlete. She loves to be outside, enjoying snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking. She is married to a Pharmacist, Nick, and together they have a son, Bear. 

Her coaching philosophy blends science with the individual needs of the client. A healthy lifestyle should be fun! She helps her clients explore nutritional eating without dieting, stress management, physical activity, personal relationships and sleep. She believes in nurturing a healthy and sustainable relationship with exercise, helping clients set obtainable but exciting goals. Her coaching style is one of endless support and motivation.