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Extend the benefits of a Hydrafacial treatment to other parts of the body to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate the skin using Hydrafacial’s signature 3 steps. Additional savings are available when adding a body treatment on to a Signature Hydrafacial treatment. 

Neck and Décolleté
This quick 10 minute treatment is the perfect add-on to a Signature Hydrafacial. Extend the amazing benefits of a Hydrafacial down to the delicate skin of the neck and décolleté giving you maximum results.
Stand alone price($129) Add-on price with Signature Hydrafacial($95)


Back Clarifying 
This 60 minute treatment includes the basic 3 steps of a Hydrafacial with added extractions and blue LED light therapy to help remove congestion. A perfect service for the client who suffers from back acne or someone who is just looking for a smoother and clearer back.
Stand alone price($295) Add-on price with Signature Hydrafacial($260)


Lymphatic Drainage Massage
This relaxing treatment can be used with any Hydrafacial body treatment or performed by itself. It moves stagnant lymph fluid while detoxifying, helps to reduce swelling and puffiness, and lifts and contours the body. Prices vary for different areas of the body being treated.
  • Abdomen ($75)
  • Arms ($65)
  • Back ($75)
  • Leg ($65)
  • Neck & Décolleté ($129)