Following a lifestyle medicine approach for a balanced life

Join us for a month of healthy eating, physical activity and self care, guided by Katie Aurand PA-C, ATC and Health Coach.

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    Who Is It For? 

    This 30 day reset if for people who would like to transition to healthier lifestyle, but need that initial push or reset. It is for those individuals that feel tired, run down, struggling with chronic pain and mental fogginess, gastrointestinal issues, chronic inflammation and weight loss struggles. It is also for those who wish to increase their vitality and focus on self care.

    How Do You Follow The Program?

    This program follows the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine.
    • We will follow a whole-food, plant predominant eating pattern to find foods that support hormonal balance, weight loss, and inflammation.
    • Increased water consumption
    • There will be a workout of the day for all levels.
    • Everyone is encouraged to spend 15 minutes outside every day
    • There will be daily self reflection and a strong focus on self care
    • Reading is encouraged throughout the month, specifically 15 minutes per day.
    • Sleep hygiene will be evaluated, as sleep is critical to a healthy lifestyle
    • Alcohol and harmful substance avoidance

    What Results Should You Expect?

    With any program the more that you put into the 30 days, there more results you will see. You should feel more energized and have a increased zest for life. You will become more mindful of your food and drink choices and be inspired to continue to make healthy long term changes.

    Why Follow This Program? 

    You will learn how to support your body’s metabolism and hormones while reinstating a healthy relationship with food. You will ultimately develop a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices to increase energy, balance, health and happiness.

    What’s Included? 

    • You will be enrolled in PracticeBetter, where you will be able to track your daily nutrition and receive real time feedback from Katie. We will discuss how the food you are consuming is making you fell and where modifications can be made
    • You will also be enrolled in a private Facebook group, where we discuss lifestyle goals and challenges as a group
    • Meal plan ideas
    • Self care ideas, encouragement and self reflection prompts
    • You will receive daily workout suggestions
    • There will be a biweekly Zoom call to discuss any questions that you have in real time
    • Daily contact with Katie via PracticeBetter and Facebook.
    • There will be endless support regardless of where you are at on your healthy lifestyle journey

    The Cost

    • The 30 day challenge is $150